Through the development of a unique brand story and the implementation of strategic marketing and communications, I help businesses and non-profits grow.

Harness The Power Of Story
To Inspire Action

  • Are you struggling to cut through the noise?
  • Is connecting with people too time consuming and hard work?
  • Do you lack regular customers?

Having a clear brand message and a strategic plan to reach and connect with people is essential to developing a successful organisation. Through my consultancy, coaching and courses you’ll learn to develop a compelling brand story and how to effectively communicate your message across digital and traditional platforms to reach and engage potential customers.

Increase Sales & Donations

Reach new people and take them from stranger to loyal customer through your marketing material.

Develop Brand Loyalty

By developing a clear brand story you’ll connect with people in a meaningful way that produces brand loyalty and trust.

Encourage Action

Take your audience to the next level by building communities around your brand and encourage them to play an active role in your brand story.

Brand Communication
& Digital Consultant

In 2008, while working in Ethiopia, I was shown first-hand the impact that many years of aid stories had on the country and its people. Though the aid had helped with immediate needs, the lasting impact of these stories meant that business, trade and tourism were negatively impacted.

Having worked in broadcast and marketing, I knew how to spot and tell a compelling story. As an early adopter of digital media, I was also aware of the potential to use it to reach new audiences. I provided consultancy on the true stories the country’s leaders could tell to bring about positive change.

Upon returning from that trip, I established the We Do Stories brand. My goal was to help organisations take control of their stories and spread them through digital media to make positive change.

Since then, I’ve developed new tools and techniques to help my clients develop a clear brand story and strategies to reach people.
I’ve worked with CEOs and leaders across Europe, America and Asia to establish and grow their brands, and inspire people to action through compelling storytelling.

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Brand Development

Brand Development

Define your message and learn to communicate it clearly.

Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

Develop your strategy to raise your brand awareness and connect with your audience.

Marketing Consultant


Reach new people with your message and encourage them to take action.

Storytelling Training Icon


Learn to connect with people across cultures on an emotional level.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Make the most of digital technology for organisational growth.

Public Speaking

Hear me live at events, conferences and other public speaking engagements.

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