It's time you stop dreaming

It’s time you stop dreaming!

It’s time you stop dreaming! This might seem like an odd statement from someone who truly believes in following your dreams and encourages people to set up businesses. After all dreaming big can serve as motivation and is the start of any new venture. Dreaming big can also be problematic and might be holding you back. Today I was in a meeting with Jarek Suchowiecki, a rallycross racer and team leader. Jarek was telling me his story of coming to the UK, working hard for other people, starting his own business and now following his passion as a rallycross racer. His story was motivational, to say the least, and he tells it with such passion. Jarek has followed his dreams, and they’ve served as great motivation. His shelves are full of the medals and trophies he’s won in both rallycross and cycling, but according to Jarek, he has no dreams.

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